The 6th Bomb Group

 22nd Photo Lab Personnel

Primary Source: General Order No. 10, issued 20 Feb 1946 which lists all personnel (including air and ground crews) qualifying for the China Offensive Battle Star as of that date.
Supplemental Sources:

Let me know if there is anyone I have overlooked!

Here is a tentative listing of the air crew for the 22nd Photo Lab:

Bernardo, Celestine Sgt
Douglas, Vincent R. Cpl
Dysart, Lewis H. T/Sgt
Ermlich, Gustav L. Cpl
Exell, Edward E. Sgt
Fitzmorris, L. R. S/Sgt
Fordham, Elwood J. Sgt
Giaponni, Reno Pfc
Ginovsky, George J. 2/Lt
Lenschmidt, Eugene A. Pfc
Merrill, Elrod F. Sgt
Morgan, John O. Pfc
Nobil, Jerry Pfc
Ryan, John J. S/Sgt
Sanford, James K. Sgt
Schmidt, Rudolph C. Sgt
Simpson, Norman F. Cpl
Toner, Thomas J. Cpl
Valluzzi, Joseph J. Pfc
Vieregg, Edwin R. Cpl