The 6th Bomb Group

72nd Air Service Group

Source: Holly, granddaughter of T/Sgt Ellis R. Bethany.  Special Orders No. 27 (14 Apr 1945).

Here is a list of an extremely small portion of the men of the 72nd Air Service Group.  Records indicate that, in Aug 1945, the total size of the Group was 717 men .  This may be less than the wartime total, and is certainly less than the total number of men who served with the group.

HQ and Base Service Squadron

Humfeld, Harold E. "Bus" Col, C/O
Morrison, Harry C. Col
Price, Oliver J. 1/Lt
Slocum, Harold G. 1/Lt
Weaver, Ray 1/Lt
Ferguson, William J. 1/Lt
Gilbreath, Thomas J. CWO

535th Air Engineering Squadron

Hosmer, William J. Maj
Alexander, Jesse K. Cpt
Johnson, Bernard T. Cpt
Birney, Robert T. 1/Lt
Collentine, Arthur R. 1/Lt
Garrison, Joseph B. 1/Lt
Secan, Frank D. 1/Lt
Treppendahl, Svend T. 1/Lt
Kaser, Nelson B. 2/Lt
Stankovich, John J. 2/Lt
Kibler, Charles R. WOJG
Bethany, Ellis R. T/Sgt , in Charge of Prop Shop
Cassalia, John P. S/Sgt
Charp, Shea J. Sgt

579th Air Material Squadron

Hopper, Leslie R. Maj
Mackey, John C. Cpt
Heidelberg, James M. 1/Lt
Shaffner, Theodore W. 1/Lt
Sisney, Philip H. 1/Lt
Tinkle, Ralph E. 1/Lt
Hartzell, Charles W. WOJG


Skibinski, Stephan V. Sgt
Peirick, Herman B. Pfc