The 6th Bomb Group

The Crew: Flight Engineer

The B-29 was one of the first planes with a full-time Flight Engineer. The Flight Engineer was responsible for insuring that all the flight systems were in working condition - which generally meant keeping track of four cantankerous engines, hydraulic systems, etc. This task was not made any easier by the fact that B-29 engines had a tendency to catch fire, that Boeing designed the throttle levers to work backwards, or that gremlins and unfriendly people were doing their best to put the systems out of operation.
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Fig. 21. The Engineer's Station Pilot's Flight Operating Instructions for Army Model B-29 Airplane

For an excellent description of flight engineer training and the preparation for each mission see "A Day in the Life of a Flight Engineer" by Jack Caldwell.

B29s flying in formation as seen from the fight engineer's seat
Photo provided by Captain Jerry Mason, USN.