The 6th Bomb Group


Other 6th Bomb Group Websites

"Anyone But the 6th" - Virgil Morgan (Engineer, "Battlin' Betty", 40th Squadron) has created a website with an interesting story about the Japanese view of the 6th.

Photo Collections

6th Bomb Group - collection of 102 photos of S/Sgt John A. Potenza (CFC Gunner, "Trigger Mortis II", 39th Squadron) posted by his son John A. Potenza, Jr.

Tinian 1945 - collection of photos of S/Sgt Gilbert Godin (Radarman, "El Pajaro de la Guerra", 24th Squadron) posted by his son Paul Godin.

6th Bomb Group Merchandise

"6th Bomb Group Gear" - If you have attended any of the recent 6BG reunions, you have probably enjoyed the 6BG hats, t-shirts and other merchandise created by Steve Dananay, son of Sgt Milan E. Dananay (Right Gunner, "Blind Date/Lady's Delight", 24BS).  Now you can order the merchandise anytime you want.  The website also contains pictures of recent reunions.

General Websites

B-29 Superfortress: Then and Now - This site, created by Sallyann Wagoner, has probably the best and largest online collection of material on B-29s and B-29 groups, including WWII and Korea.

20th Air Force Association

The Enola Gay and the 509th Composite Group - Contains a lot of information and memorabilia relating to the Atom Bombers.

Micronesia Visit 2005 - Excellent color pictures of Tinian and the other islands taken by Gary Boothe in connection with a ceremony honoring B-29 groups.

Project Tinian - A comprehensive "then and now" survey of Tinian.

The Northern Mariana Islands: WWII and Today - A great reference source with all kinds of information on the Northern Marianas, including recent color pictures of many of the sights on Tinian, including North Field and various buildings.

Other 20th Air Force B-29 Wings and Groups

Other B-29 Groups and Wings were located on Tinian, Saipan and Guam. They were all part of the 21st Bomber Command of the 20th Air Force. (The 58th Bombardment Wing was originally part of the 20th Bomber Wing, which was deactivated in March 1945.) Links to Webpages for the groups are included. Some are "official", others are "unofficial". Be sure to visit them all.

Bomb Wing Bomb Group Squadrons Stationed at: Tail Marking Unofficial Webpages
58th 40th 25th, 44th, 45th Tinian, West Field Triangle S  
  444th 676th, 677th, 678th Tinian, West Field Triangle N  
  462nd 768th, 769th, 770th Tinian, West Field Triangle U [A]
  468th 792nd, 793rd, 794th Tinian, West Field Triangle I  
73rd 497th 869th, 870th, 871st Saipan, Isley Field A Square  
  498th 873rd, 874th, 875th Saipan, Isley Field T Square  
  499th 877th, 878th, 879th Saipan, Isley Field V Square  
  500th 881st, 882nd, 883rd Saipan, Isley Field Z Square [A]
313th 6th 24th, 39th, 40th Tinian, North Field Circle R [A] [B]
  9th 1st, 5th, 99th Tinian, North Field Circle X  
  504th 398th, 421st, 680th Tinian, North Field Circle E [A] [B]
  505th 482nd, 483rd, 484th Tinian, North Field Circle W [A]


509th 393rd Tinian, North Field Circle Arrow [A] [B] [C] [D] [E]
314th 19th 28th, 30th, 93rd Guam, North Field Square M  
  29th 6th, 43rd, 52nd Guam, North Field Square O  
  39th 60th, 61st, 62nd Guam, North Field Square P  
  330th 457th, 458th, 459th Guam, North Field Square K [A]
315th 16th 15th, 16th, 17th Guam, West Field Diamond B  
  331st 355th, 356th, 357th Guam, West Field Diamond L  
  501st 21st, 41st, 485th Guam, West Field Diamond Y  
  502nd 402nd, 411th, 430th Guam, West Field Diamond H  
Attached Units        
    3rd Photo Recon      
    4th Emergency Rescue      
    41st Photo Recon      
    55th Recon (LRW)      

Air Service Groups

An Air Service Group (ASG) was assigned to each Bomb Group.  Here is a list sorted, as above, by Bomb Wing and Bomb Group:

ASG Sorted
Bomb Wing
HQ = HQ and Base Services
AE = Air Engineering
AM = Air Material
Stationed at: Unofficial Webpages
28th 58th 40th HQ, 39th AE, 585th AM Tinian, West Field  
25th 58th 444th HQ, 35th AE, 578th AM Tinian, West Field  
86th 58th 462nd HQ, 349th AE, 584th AM Tinian, West Field  
87th 58th


HQ, 355th AE, 589th AM Tinian, West Field  
31st 73rd 497th HQ, 5th AE, 574th AM Saipan, Isley Field  
69th 73rd 498th HQ, 305th AE, 575th AM Saipan, Isley Field  
89th 73rd 499th HQ, 502nd AE, 501st AM Saipan, Isley Field  
90th 73rd


HQ, 508th AE, 507th AM Saipan, Isley Field  
72nd 313th 6th HQ, 535th AE, 579th AM Tinian, North Field  
77th 313th


HQ, 534th AE, 576th AM Tinian, North Field [A]
358th 313th


HQ, 568th AE, 567th AM Tinian, North Field  
359th 313th


HQ, 570th AE, 569th AM Tinian, North Field  
390th 313th 509th HQ, 603rd AE, 1027th AM Tinian, North Field  
31st 314th 19th HQ, 56th AE, 574th AM Guam, North Field  
69th 314th 29th HQ, 305th AE, 575th AM Guam, North Field  
89th 314th 39th HQ, 502nd AE, 501st AM Guam, North Field  
90th 314th


HQ, 508th AE, 507th AM Guam, North Field  
24th 315th 16th HQ, 551st AE, 552nd AM Guam, West Field  
73rd 315th 331st HQ, 586th AE, 580th AM Guam, West Field  
73rd 315th 501st HQ, 587th AE, 581st AM Guam, West Field  
??? 315th


HQ, 588th AE, 582nd AM Guam, West Field