The 6th Bomb Group

Photo Credits


Here are pictures of many of the contributors to this webpage:

Ed Allgor (right gunner, "Reamatroid", 39th Squadron)

Joe Atchley (crewmember, "Tokyo Trolley", 39th Squadron)

Frank Barrella (ground crew, "Irish Lullaby")

Mike Bates

Victor Battaglia (right gunner, "Rematroid", 39th Squadron)

Walter Bereznoff (aircraft commander, "Incendiary Journey", 24th Squadron)

Raymond J. Biedenbach

Dan Carlock

Dave Farquhar, (CFC Gunner, 24th Squadron)

Raymond DeFilippo (navigator and bombardier, "Snugglebunny", 39th Squadron)

Harry George (aircraft commander, "Anne Garry #5", 39th Squadron)

Sidney Glazer (radio mechanic, 24th Squadron)

Howard Goodyear (crewmember, "Forever Amber", 39th Squadron)

Harvey Hauserman (navigator, "Wolfpack", 24th squadron)

Stan Hiatt ("Forever Amber", 39th Squadron)

S/Sgt Gordon W. Kirchner (radar mechanic, "Flak Alley Sally", 40th Squadron)

Joe Majeski (tail gunner, "Lady Annabelle", 40th Squadron)

Edward Martin, Jr.

Harry Mason (Bombardier, "Shasta", 24th Squadron)

Jody Matcek (sergeant, mess hall, 6th BG)

Les Morgan (gunner, "Forever Amber" and "Myas' Dragon", 39th Squadron)

Jack Nichols (armament, 39th Squadron)

Nicholas Nugent (ground crew, "Irish Lullaby", 24th Squadron)

William J. Owens (crew chief, "Gravel Gertie", 40th Squadron)

Angelo Piecora (tail gunner, "White Mistress", 40th Squadron)

Clark Preston (aircraft commander, "Snooky", 24th Squadron)

John Potenza (CFC gunner, "Trigger Mortis II", 39th Squadron)

Lawrence Robinson

Bill Santavicca ("Look Homeward Angel", 39th Squadron)

Edgar L. Vincent (aircraft commander, "Flak Alley Sally", 40th Squadron)

Joe Whitney (navigator, bombardier and radarman, "Shasta" and others, 24th Squadron)