The 6th Bomb Group

#31. Lady Jean


Thanks to Ted Doggett, grandson of Cpl John T. Doggett and Ferris Waller, son-in-law of Sgt Richard A. Pless.

The Airplane

The red cowlings and tip of the tail indicate that this picture was taken later in the war.

From B-29 Superfortress: Then and Now

The Air Crew

Lady Jean and her crew.  She has flown several missions and is credited with one enemy aircraft.  Cpl John T. Doggett is in the back row, farthest right.  The aircraft commander may have been 1/Lt Jack A. Henshaw (possibly 2nd from left, back row).  Sgt Richard A. Pless is 3rd from left, front row.

Photo provided by: Ted Doggett, grandson of John T. Doggett

The Ground Crew

The Crew Chief of this airplane is not known.