The 6th Bomb Group

Ranks and Insignia

In General

During World War II, the Air Force was part of the Army and used the same ranks as the army. In the normal hierarchy, a person with a higher rank will supervise people with a lower rank. However, in the case of aircrew, the ranks related to the type of task they performed and their time in service.

Officer Insignia

Officers wore insignia on their lapels.


Colonel (Col)


Major (Maj)


Captain (Cpt)


1st Lieutenant (1/Lt)


2nd Lieutenant (2/Lt)


Flight Officer (F/O)

Enlisted Insignia

Enlisted men wore arm patches.


Master Sergeant (M/Sgt)


Technical Sergeant (T/Sgt)


Staff Sergeant (S/Sgt)


Sergeant (Sgt)


Corporal (Cpl)


Private First Class (PFC)


Private (Pvt)