Flight Simulations

Shockwave B-29A

Shockwave Productions also offers a couple of B-29As in their "Wings of Power: WWII Heavy Bombers and Jets" package. Both of the B-29s ("El Pajaro de la Guerra" and "Doc's Deadly Dose") have the markings of planes that operated out of Tinian (although "El Pajaro de la Guerra" was not a B-29A).
"El Pajaro de la Guerra" flies over Tinian North Field, heading east.

The cockpit of "El Pajaro de la Guerra", ready for takeoff on Runway Alpha.

Superfortress Mania

This is a freeware package that includes not only a flyable B-29 model, but also many "extras", such as a tB-29 raining video. This is an upgrade of the B-29 model created by Christophe Rosenmann. The package is available for download on AvSim or FlightSim. You can also load a separate package that includes at least one 6th BG texture.

The authors (or collaborators) include: Tom Kohler, Graham of VB planes, Christophe Rosenmann, Jerry Beckwith, Gregory Pierson, Kirk Longendyke, Troy Corwin, Hermann Boltz, Milton Shupe.

Grider Gal in flight. Note the faint trail of black smoke behind the engines.

Myas' Dragon. Note the ladder that appears when the aircraft is parked.

Decals For Modelers

Here are some decals that may help B-29 modelers. These are latter versions of the markings. The pirate design and the "Circle R" were identical for all planes. However, the flames behind the pirate could vary. Many different fonts were used to write the name. Some planes did not have the flames (only a name) and some did not have the circle behind the pirate.