An Aviation Tradition
Although we cannot claim credit for the accomplishments of our ancestors, we can take pride in their accomplishments and point out that there seems to be a family tradition of taking to the air.

Lieutenant Robert Hamblett Crowther (front row, right)
Radarman/Navigator/Bombardier, B-29
6th Bomb Group, 39th Bomb Squadron
Stationed on Tinian Island; 15 combat missions

Captain Vernon Henry Simmons (1893-1968)
Flight Instructor
Third Aviation Instruction Center A.E.F
Stationed in France

Private Daniel Hamblett "Danny" Russo (1925-1944)
101st Airborne, 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment
KIA "Operation Market Garden"

William Patrick Simmons (1924-1996)
Aviation Radioman Third Class, TBM
VC 27 "The Saints"
Assigned to USS Savo Island; 29 combat missions