"Myas' Dragon", a B-29 of the 6th Bomb Group based on Tinian Island during WWII.


This website has two primary objectives:


Displays Create 3D dioramas of aircraft in flight, the earth and more
Flight Computer flight simulation demos - fly a fighter plane or a helicopter
ACflyt A helper program to accurately model aircraft performance
How to create your own Computer flight simulation

Featured Aircraft

These demonstrations use four aircraft which have special meaning, including:

Pup A fighter aircraft flown during WWI.
FM2 A carrier-based fighter aircraft flown during WWII.
B-29 A bomber aircraft flowned during WWII and Korea.
Huey A helicopter flown duing the Vietnam War.

Featured Programs

Pup A diorama of a WWI fighter in flight. The model includes an animated prop and control surfaces.
FM2 A flight simulation demo program created using our ACflyt helper program. You can fly a WWII fighter aircraft and take off from your island base and land on a moving carrier. Includes virtual cockpit view.
Huey A flight simulation demo program for helicopters. You can fly a Huey helicopter and take off from your island base and land on a moving carrier. The flight controls are designed to make the helicopter easy to fly just using your mouse.

Aviation Webpages

6BG The 6th Bomb Group was stationed on Tinian Island during WWII and flew B-29 bombing and mining missions against Japan in 1945.
VC27 The "Saints" were assigned to the Escort Carrier "Savo Island" from Sep 1944 to Jan 1945. They participated in the the invasion of the Philippines, including the historic Battle Off Samar. They were the highest scoring escort carrier squadron with over 60 kills.