This webpage would not have been possible without the generous contributions of the many veterans of the 6th Bomb Group, starting with (of course) my father 1/Lt Robert H. "Bob" Crowther (Radar, "Myas' Dragon", 39BS); with those whose served with the 6th Bomb Group and their relations; and with the many members of the 6th Bomb Group Association. In alphabetical order:

Bob Allgor, son of S/Sgt Edward T. "Ed" Allgor (Right Gunner, "Reamatroid", 39BS)

David Gaines, nephew of T/Sgt Joseph A. "Joe" Atchley (Air Crew, "Tokyo Trolley", 39BS)

Frank Barrella, son of T/Sgt Frank Barrella (Ground Crew, "Irish Lullaby")

Mike Bates

Eugene Battaglia, son of Cpl Victor Battaglia (Right Gunner, "Reamatroid", 39BS)

Marc Martyn, cousin of Sgt Robert Beller (Radio, 39BS)

Greg Bereznoff and Cynthia Chadwick, children of 1/Lt Walter Bereznoff (A/C, "Incendiary Journey", 24BS)

Holly, granddaughter of T/Sgt Ellis R. Bethany, 72nd ASG Prop Shop.

Ron Biedenbach, son of Raymond J. Biedenbach

Larry Brewster (aka "Typhoon Larry", permanently stationed on Tinian)

John Furnari, nephew of S/Sgt Richard G. Bush (L Gunner, "Miss America 62", 24BS)

Dan Carlock, Jr., nephew of Sgt Floyd D. Carlock, Jr. (Right Gunner on Crew #2417, 24BS)

Phil Carroll, son of Sgt Albert W. Carroll (Right Gunner, "Irish Lullaby", 24BS)

Doug Haller, grandson of Sgt Kenneth Caswell (Radio, "Tojo's Nightmare", 40BS)

Phil Conroy, son of Cpl Harold J. Conroy, 39th BS maintenance.

Sgt Milan E. Dananay (R Gunner, "Blind Date/Lady's Delight", 24BS)

Rebecca and F/O Raymond J. DeFilippo (Navigator/Bombardier, "Snugglebunny", 39BS)

Ethel and T/Sgt Albert S. Dimsha (Engineer, "Snugglebunny", 39BS)

Ted Doggett, grandson of Cpl John T. Doggett ("Lady Jean", 39BS)

Anthony and Michael Donini, sons of M/Sgt Sanzio S. Donini (Engineer, "Tinny-Ann", 24BS)

John Handy, son in law of S/Sgt Martin E. "Marty" Eichelman (R Gunner, "Our Lady", 24BS)

Ross Noble, grandson of Cpt James Ezell (A/C, "Here's Lucky", 39BS)

S/Sgt Dave Farquhar (CFC, "Blind Date/Lady's Delight", 24BS)

Hitesh Chitalia, son-in-law of S/Sgt George Fedowich (Radar, "White Mistress", 40BS)

Mark Furman, son of F/O Richard H. Furman (Pilot, "Battling Betty", 40BS)

Lt Milton Garfinkle [Garin] (Navigator, "Sharon Linn", 24BS)

1/Lt Harry George (A/C, "Anne Garry #5", 39BS)

Cpl Sidney Glazer (Radio Mechanic, 24BS)

S/Sgt Gilbert Godin (Radar, "El Pajaro de la Guerra", 24BS) and his son Paul Godin

Sgt Howard Goodyear (Air Crew, "Forever Amber", 39BS)

Greg Hadley (Professor and Historian), author of "Field of Spears"

Jeff Hauserman, son of Cpt Harvey L. Hauserman (Navigator, "Wolfpack", 24BS)

Howard Hughes, son of S/Sgt Doran Hughes (Tail Gunner, "Banana Boat", 40BS)

Dale Jester, son-in-law of Lloyd S. "Stan" Hiatt (Air Crew, "Forever Amber II", 39BS)

Jay Jack, son of S/Sgt Eugene E. Jack (Right Gunner, "Rattle n' Roll", 40BS)

David Johnson, son of 1/Lt Harry B. Johnson (Pilot, "Trigger Mortis", 39BS)

Alan Beay, son-in-law of S/Sgt Gordon W. Kirchner (Radar Mechanic, "Flak Alley Sally", 40BS)

Elizabeth Koch-Colson, granddaughter of S/Sgt Matthew H. Koch (Right Gunner, "Battlin' Betty", 40BS)

Cpl Richard T. Kruger (Radio, "Snugglebunny", 39BS)

Chris Lancaster, grandson of 1/Lt Joseph Kubicek (A/C, "Dearly Beloved - The Ramp Tramp", 40BS)

James Kuebler, nephew of Cpl Joseph J. Kuebler (T Gunner, 39BS)

John Lewis, son of S/Sgt George M. Lewis (CFC, "The Connecticut Yankee", 40BS)

2/Lt Maurice Logsdon (Bombardier, "Dearly Beloved", 40BS) and family.

S/Sgt Joseph J. "Joe" Majeski (Tail Gunner, "Lady Annabelle", 40BS)

Ray Martin, Sr., son of Edward Martin, Jr.

1/Lt Harry K. Mason, Jr. (Bombardier, "Shasta", 24BS)

Gary Matcek, son of Sgt Jody Matcek

John McFee, son of 1/Lt Malcolm McFee (Pilot, "Grider Gal", 39BS)

Marilyn McKay, wife of F/O William E. McKay (Bombardier, "Snugglebunny", 39BS)

Sandy Dodson and S/Sgt James L. "Les" Morgan (Gunner, "Forever Amber" and "Myas' Dragon", 39BS)

Ron Fundell, son-in-law of M/Sgt Frank N. "Nick" Mount (Engineer, "Miss America '62" 24BS)

Nick Nichols, son of S/Sgt John O. "Jack" Nichols (Armorer, 39BS)

Linda Nugent Monahan, daughter of Sgt Nicholas F. Nugent (Ground Crew, "Irish Lullaby", 24BS)

Christin Marie Ocasio, granddaughter of Sgt Angel M. Ocasio (Tail Gunner, "The Bad Penny")

Chris Owens Murphy, daughter of M/Sgt William J. Owens (Crew Chief, "Gravel Gertie", 40BS)

Jason Bishop, grandson of Sgt Julian E. Pencovic (Crew Chief, 39BS)

Sgt Angelo J. Piecora (Tail Gunner, "White Mistress", 40BS) and his son Joe Piecora

Ferris Waller, son-in-law of Sgt Richard A. Pless (Gunner, "Lady Jean", 39BS)

John, Jr. and Joan Potenza, children of S/Sgt John A. Potenza (CFC, "Trigger Mortis II", 39BS)

Anita "Snooky" Preston Schaezler, daughter of Cpt Clark A. Preston (A/C, "Snooky", 24BS)

Jerilyn Schelling Nikiel, daughter of 1/Lt Frank J. Schelling (Bombardier, "Do It Again", 39BS).

Allen Richardson, son of S/Sgt Robert F. Richardson (Right Gunner, "Grider Gal", 39BS)

James Richmond, son of Cpt Barron A. Richmond (A/C, "The Cultured Vulture", 39BS)

Lawrence Robinson

S/Sgt Joseph Rotondi (Radio, "Flak Alley Sally", 40BS) and his son Joe Rotondi

Sgt William "Bill" Santavicca (Left Gunner, "Look Homeward Angel", 39BS)

Jay Martin, grandson of Cpt Jacob Schad (A/C, "Jake's Jernt", 24BS)

George Schwager, son of Cpt George Schwager (A/C, "Shasta", 24BS)

Joseph Stuby

S/Sgt Walter H. Stull (Radar, "Flak Alley Sally", 40BS)

Sgt Olie K. Teeter (Tail Gunner, "Dearly Beloved", 40BS).

Andrew Trump, son of 2/Lt Paul A. Trump (Navigator, "Sharon Linn", 24BS)

Terry Tucker Rhodes, daughter of 1/Lt Percy U. Tucker (A/C, "Lady Annabelle", 40BS)

Kelly Vincent, son of 1/Lt Edgar L. Vincent (A/C, "Flak Alley Sally", 40BS)

2/Lt Joseph H. "Joe" Whitney (Radar, "Shasta" and others, 24BS)

David Wilhelm, son of Sgt Daniel L. Wilhelm (58th BW, 468th BG, 794th and 795th BS)

Sgt Bernard E. Wilson (Left Gunner, "Anonymous IV", 24BS) and his son David Wilson

Andy Wilson, son of Cpt Ralph C. Wilson (A/C, "White Mistress", 40BS)

Col Clarence E. Becker for finding many of the strike and post-strike photos
If I have forgotten anyone, let me know.