The 6th Bomb Group

#01. Ernie Pyle's Milkwagon / Uncle Sam's Milkwagon


Thanks to: Lt Sam A. Parks.

The Airplane

In early 1945, the war correspondent Ernie Pyle described the missions in the Pacific as "milk runs" compared to the missions in Europe.  In response, the crew of Lt. Sam Parks decided to name their aircraft "Ernie Pyle's Milkwagon".  Ernie Pyle was killed on April 17.  Out of respect for his memory, the crew decided to rename their aircraft.  They selected the name "Uncle Sam's Milkwagon".  On May 23, "Uncle Sam's Milkwagon" crash landed on Iwo after a harrowing mission.  Lt Parks, who was awarded the silver star for his role in this mission, provides detailed recap of the  mission.

P-47 Thunderbolts circle before landing above a crashed Boeing B-29 Superfortress belonging to the "Jolly Rogers" of the 6th Bomb Group, XXI Bomber Command. The nose art and name of the bomber have been painted out; however, part of the name, "MILK", as in "Milk Run" or another variation, is visible at the lower left.

Air Crew

This airplane was normally flown by Crew #2401.